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Every intervention of Value

Positive effect of coaching

Teams learn to work together effectively

A well-functioning team regularly agrees on goals and quickly adapts to internal and external changes. Every team has its unique identity and challenges.   

It is my intrinsic motivation to grow the team. My focus is on collaboration and team learning. First make sure the basics are in order. Are the roles and responsibilities clear and how does the team deal with the daily challenges? What has the focus and what do we pay attention to first (and what not).

Long-term research from ICF shows numerous benefits such as more effective communication and problem-solving skills. Well-functioning teams make faster and better decisions, are more resilient and adapt better to changing circumstances.

Every intervention of Value

Three aspects of team coaching

  1. Team action. In self-organizing teams you often see that it is difficult to plan, organize and prioritize together. Fortunately, a lot of attention is paid to this and methods such as kanban and scrum are so popular for good reason.
  2. Team reflection. To be a learning organization, reflection, feedback and evaluation are essential. A team regularly (weekly) reflects on the shared experiences. What went well and what needs attention. Do we stick to the agreements made and what is the quality of our decision-making?
  3. Team feeling. Every team is different in terms of dynamics, patterns and behavior. Think of a team as an entity, a living organism that adapts to circumstances and environment. A safe environment where mutual cooperation and interaction can be discussed.
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What is the most important question or problem that the team wants to work on. That is the start of our conversation and collaboration.

I help break patterns and experiment. I bring the conversation back to the team so that you can learn and take ownership
In short, my job is to grow the team.


Changes are happening at an increasingly rapid pace. How does an organization stay relevant in these disruptive times? 

I help teams remap vision and purpose; Purpose and Why. Redefining and clarifying the collective commitment about roles and desired results.

I work on change.


Helping the team to increase self-management and learning capacity. By reflecting as a team on your own actions and views. This allows the team as a whole to take ownership and function optimally.

A team where taking responsibility and feedback are self-evident. 


As a team coach, I help organizations, teams and individuals every day with their change tasks.

I bring the conversation back to the team so that the team learns and takes ownership. I help break patterns and experiment.

In short, my job is to grow the team. My focus is on collaboration and team learning.

No team is the same, so team coaching is always tailor-made.

NB!  There is no way back. The insights and changes are permanent in nature.

This is why

Teams and organizations work with me

Team coaching is just like riding a bike. First learn to ride a bike and then you can do it yourself. And if you want to improve yourself, you ask for help again. But it is important that you remain in the driver's seat. As a team coach, I occasionally ride along for a bit and then turn off again. Until we meet again.

When do I see you again)?

Coaching appointment

I work from your question. What you want to achieve is central to each process. When is our collaboration successful and what is visibly different

always available

During the coaching process you can always ask questions via email and WhatsApp. In an emergency or emergency, I always make time and space to help you

tailor-made process

A coaching process is always tailor-made. It is my commitment to make every coaching session of value.

Learning to experiment

Assignments and intervisions serve to help you further. To let you experiment with different methods or to experience things. Always focused on growth and learning.

Own responsibility

We conclude each session with an overview of the insights or summary. I will guide and support you to the next step. I expect you to take your own notes to remember and learn.


Working with an experienced and accredited coach gives the highest chance of return. You still have to do the work yourself

My mission is to raise your awareness and the awareness of the world, to have the greatest impact on the lives of others. I do this by optimizing everyone's own passion, goal and potential.
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