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Personally effective and conscious

Leadership is often not about what you do, but about who you are, about your attitude. What conscious choice do you make? A leader has the courage to be himself. The courage to live without fear. Who chooses to stay away from negative energy and self-consciously chooses pleasure in life. 

Coaching helps you to face and understand certain circumstances in your working life that are hindering your growth to your full potential. Coaching gives you tools to turn negative into positive. With leadership coaching you work on topics such as: transformational leadership, creating a team culture of great performance, effective communication, agility, and many others.

Today's leaders not only have a lot of knowledge and experience, but are also flexible and embrace change. They ensure an agile organization that is built on trust and teams learn with each other and from the customer. This involves participatory and flexible leadership, sometimes following, sometimes leading. Powerful enough to inspire others. 

Let's uncover your life to be © 

NB! There is no way back. The insights and changes are permanent in nature.

Every conversation of Value

leadership in 2022

Today's leaders not only have a lot of knowledge and experience, but are also flexible and embrace change. They ensure an agile organization that is built on trust and teams learn with each other in a hybrid work environment and from the customer.

There is no formula available with which you can learn your ideal leadership style. What works for one person doesn't work for another. And what works sometimes doesn't always work.

Your style as a leader is based on your previous life experiences and often learned behavior from your youth.
This, while so much is changing now and in the future:
“Change is the only constant in life”. Does the previously learned behavior still apply? How can you use your strength in the current time?

Leiderschap coaching
Every conversation of Value

Positive effect of coaching

Successful leaders get the best out of themselves and ensure growth in their environment. What is your success formula?

During coaching sessions you work and think based on your vision, mission and values. You (re)discover your talents and strengths and identify your pitfalls. Together we tackle the following questions:

What are your unique leadership qualities?
What conscious choices and decisions do you make?
How can you utilize and strengthen your potential?

You will gain valuable insights and tools to optimize your own effective leadership style. Harness your potential to strengthen your performance, impact, job satisfaction, leadership and career success. The outcome is more self-confidence, positive energy, fun and success.

About me

For more than 20 years, I have been helping professionals, entrepreneurs and leaders navigate and discover a life of freedom. 

Coaching is a partnership between you and me, using a thought-provoking and creative process to inspire and motivate you to maximize your personal and professional potential. We strengthen what you already have in terms of experience and talent. We expand your options. We do this through conversations, systemic working methods, exercises and experiments.

My coaching offers: extraordinary results and lasting change. I stand by your side in times of stress, uncertainty or change.

I followed my coaching training at IPEC (Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching) and ORSC (Organization and Relationship Systems Coaching).

I am an accredited certified coach with ICF (the International Coach Federation). This is the largest professional organization of coaches worldwide and the “Golden Standard in Coaching”. I subscribe to the ICF ethical code and follow Continued Coach Education, Intervision and Mentoring to provide you with the service you deserve.

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Leadership coaching programs

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Business coaching

Agile Leadership

Changes are happening at an increasingly rapid pace. How does your organization stay relevant in these disruptive times? Do you want to take a step towards customer-oriented, innovative and agile leadership? Lead an organization where taking responsibility and feedback are self-evident?

Personal development

As a leader or entrepreneur you are looking for someone to help with change and transformation. Things aren't going the way you want for a while. You are looking for new balance. Or look for your reflection in a powerful mirror. 

Professional growth

You have just taken on a new role as a manager, business owner. A leadership program helps you in your personal and professional development.



By developing greater emotional intelligence and strengthening your interpersonal skills, you can lead with greater impact and influence and keep stress and overwhelm at bay.

Leadership Coaching process

The Leadership Coaching program includes:
An individually tailored program consisting of 6-12 coaching sessions. After the initial introductory meeting, the coaching process typically involves weekly one-on-one sessions of 60 – 90 minutes over a period of 3 – 6 months. This schedule is flexible, depending on your personal situation.

  • The click is there, let's get started.
  • Depending on your question and experience with coaching, we start a personal Leadership Program with a 360 assessment plus 90 minutes debrief. 
  • If you already have an assessment, we start with a goal & purpose session. What do you want to achieve and/or change?
  • The insights and awareness you gain immediately strengthen your effectiveness as a leader.
  • Access to a personal performance app for 6 months. 

Who is this program intended for?
• If you have goals and dreams, this is for you.
• If you want support as you take steps towards success.
• You want to (re)discover and experience your true, unlimited self.
• Anyone who wants to think, feel and act more successfully in every area of his or her life. 

• The willingness (yes, I want…) to take action.
• You have an open mind that is ready for change and growth.

Location is virtual via phone, Skype, Zoom or other video calling app.

And if possible, we sometimes see each other face-to-face.


the value of

Leiderschap coaching (EN)

Once you are more aware of what you think or react to, you live more according to your own choice. The choice to do things differently. It makes you feel more in charge of your own life. This leads to more energy, involvement, more potential. You can inspire and motivate not only yourself, but also others to get the best out of life.


What do others say about me?

What do customers say about my services and their experience? Many relationships choose not to make their reviews public for privacy reasons. Please understand this. I would like to give you the summary of their feedback: “Every Conversation is Valuable”.

My mission is to raise everyone's consciousness and the consciousness of the world, to have the greatest impact on the lives of others. I do this by optimizing everyone's own passion, purpose and potential.
Adger de Boer
This is why

you work with me

You are central and at the wheel. As a coach, I ride along for a while and turn off again until we meet again.

When do I see you again)?

Coaching appointment

I work from your question. What you want to achieve is central to each process. When is our collaboration successful and what is visibly different

always available

During the coaching process you can always ask questions via email and WhatsApp. In an emergency or emergency, I always make time and space (within 12-24 hours) to help you

tailor-made process

A coaching process is always tailor-made. It is my commitment to make every coaching session of value focused on your personal needs, challenges and desires.

Learning to experiment

Assignments and intervisions serve to help you further. To let you experiment with different methods or to experience things. Always focused on growth and learning.

Own responsibility

We conclude each session with an overview of the insights or summary. I will guide and support you to the next step. I expect you to take your own notes to remember and learn.


Working with an experienced and accredited coach gives the highest chance of return. You still have to do the work yourself

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