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YOU. Chooses positive energy. You get up every morning with a positive intention. You know how to balance your life through conscious choices. You have the courage to be yourself and the guts to live without fear. You choose self-consciously for pleasure in life

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What can I offer you:

Coaching Services

A coaching program offers a safe place to research ideas and problems, find solutions and formulate realistic implementation strategies. We consider who you are as a person, what you want in life and how you can achieve this.

As a partner I help you and give you a different perspective. I'll let you look at things from a different angle. You get a better picture and understanding of who you are, your core values, default behavior and reactions to events. This allows you to make better decisions and create a life to enjoy. You learn and grow towards a life in freedom; balanced, confident and happy.


Do you have a question?

If you would like more information, please feel free to contact Adger. You can reach me via the contact details below or send a message directly via the form

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ELI assessment

We have a choice to live our own life. The quote is a good representation of our challenge and desire to get the most out of our lives. The question I ask as a coach is: What do you want?

A selection of the topics where I can guide you as a professional coach

  • I want to get more out of my life.
  • I want to further develop my talents, develop myself further.
  • I'm taking too much on my fork
  • No energy and energy, no motivation to do things.
  • I want to improve my life balance and feel (more) happy
ELI index

Leadership is not about what you do but about who you are, about your attitude. You want to have a valuable influence on yourself and your environment. As an enterprising professional who makes conscious choices and embraces change. As a leader who works people-oriented and stays away from negative energy.

Business & Team coaching helps you to make a successful transformation and to further develop your organization or teams.

I'm working on your change. Team coaching looks at both the individual and the 'individual as part of an organizational system'. No two teams are the same, so team coaching is always tailor-made.

X-factor mental fitness

Mental fitness is the ability to respond to life's challenges with a positive rather than a negative mindset. 

The PQ program gives you the insights, motivation and structure to practice 15 minutes a day for 6 weeks. Weekly video sessions in combination with daily app-guided exercises you exercise your 3 mental core brain muscles.

Improve your mental fitness by strengthening powerful new muscles in your brain.

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Why work with me?

Live your life to be

Active Listening

During your search for answers, solutions and representations of your desired future, I listen without judgment and ask questions that help you. The focus is on achieving your goals. What do you want to get done. What do you want to achieve.  


A coaching program is a creative, confidential partnership, practical and goal-oriented. It offers you a safe place to research ideas and problems, find solutions and formulate realistic implementation strategies. Personal development by strengthening meta-competences:
• (self-reflection
• (self) compassion
• personal ownership
• the ability to engage in in-depth dialogues.

More conscious

Every change starts with awareness. From an increasing awareness you make decisions about the path you want to take. And further shape your life in a way that corresponds to your conscious choices. There is no going back with this sustainable change.


What do others say about me?

What do customers say about my services and their experience. Many relations choose not to make their review public for privacy reasons. Please understand this. 

“Professional and very knowledgeable, cheerful coach with twinkling eyes who is visibly happy with any value he can add to a relationship. Adger, has the ability to allow you to be yourself completely and to adapt feedback and coaching to the way it suits the individual best. He motivates you and the responsibility to grow lies entirely with yourself without letting go of that responsibility to help you with that. He strengthens this for me by showing that he also wants to learn for himself and learns from every new relationship he enters into. ”
Product manager
"Adger is a good coach and observer who challenges you to think. And to think. Good questions forced me to reflect on my behavior and approach. Adger has helped to change old behavior and patterns."
Think about it

elk gesprek van waarde

About me

Coaching verbetert je persoonlijke en werkgerelateerde opvattingen en houding. Oplossingsgerichte coaching is effectief is voor skills ontwikkeling, sterkere leiderschap vaardigheden en het heeft een positieve invloed op jouw doelgerichte zelfsturing.


Het is mijn missie om je bewustzijn en het bewustzijn van de wereld te verhogen, om de grootste impact op het leven van anderen te hebben. Ik doe dat door ieders eigen passie, doel en potentieel te optimaliseren.


Als coach ben je begeleider van een proces, meestal van een diepgaande verandering. Ik kan geen uitkomst beloven of doelstelling geven omdat jij, als mijn client, hier zelf verantwoordelijk voor bent. Ik kan wel de gezamenlijk reis zo uniek en uitdagend mogelijk maken. 

Adger 2021

Leef je leven zoals jij dat wil. Zelfbewust van je passie, je doel en je kracht; je potentieel als mens.

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