I believe in the power of people to live the best version of themselves.

Live and work with compassion. More energy, less stress, more potential.
Mentally & physically healthy living
Work and private life are connected (harmony).
Equipped to take on life's challenges.

Let's uncover your life to be © 

Are you as an entrepreneur or manager looking for reflection, maximizing your potential or are you ready for a change? 

Get to know unique tailor-made coaching, fully tailored to your goals and challenges. Unlike other programs, this coaching program not only offers awareness, but also sustainable growth. Combine success with personal happiness and create a life that is in line with your personal choices.

Rock Zen Stack in front of waterfall.

"There is already so much to do at work and in private life."

The balance is skewed.

In our faster changing world, sometimes chaotic, incomprehensible and vulnerable, it is increasingly difficult to find relaxation and peace, to be in sustainable balance, in connection with your environment.

This quickly leaves little room for yourself, your own I

Do you recognize this:

  • I am increasingly exhausted by daily tasks
  • It frustrates me to constantly be chasing everything
  • I'm confused why things aren't improving despite my hard work
  • I am mentally and physically unhealthy, out of balance.
  • I want to grow and develop myself further

Take charge of your own life. I offer a safe and confidential environment in which you can reflect, overcome your challenges and sharpen your skills. A place to ask questions and learn; gain the confidence you need to challenge yourself and believe in your dreams; and held accountable as you strive to achieve your goals.

This leads to more energy, less stress, more potential.

Discover your options

Personal coaching programs

What challenges are you currently facing?​

Coaching by ADGER

This is what your life could look like

Rediscover your Power

Power coaching

1-on-1 Growth - online

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Unlimited program

Business coaching

Executive Life program

Rediscover your Power

How can you survive in this non-linear world. A short power program of 4-6 weeks where you learn how to drastically reduce your stress or boost your career.

1-on-1 Growth

Things aren't going the way you want for a while. You are looking for new balance. Or look for your reflection in a powerful mirror. During this 3-month process you will receive professional guidance for successful change and transformation.


Support to help you with the current challenges of your life, discover other possibilities and live your life with confidence. We determine the duration and required support in consultation.


What do customers say about my services and their experience?
Many relationships choose not to make their review public for privacy reasons.
Please understand this.

Get rid of 'having to' and feeling of stress

Wonderful things happen during a coaching process. Call them breakthroughs or aha moments or that “thing” you were looking for.

Gecertificeerd professional coach ADGER

Increase your effectiveness and discover what is possible.

Trust your feelings, your whole being, senses and intuition.

Get started

Discover what is possible and what is holding you back, what coaching would look like and the possibilities to support you.


2. We make a plan

Everybody is different. We create a practical plan that is specifically tailored to your unique growth opportunities.


3. Discover new views

Open new paths to your new one I

Gain the ability to recover faster, increase your mental toughness and notice an increase in your resilience.

Gecertificeerd professional coach Adger

As a certified professional coach, I guide leaders, entrepreneurs and professionals in navigating life's challenges, optimizing their potential to become the best version of themselves. become are. 

Life Coaching is a powerful way to work on your personal development. It helps you to create a clear perspective on your life and get to know yourself better. A trusted sounding board that promotes self-awareness, emotional intelligence and strategic thinking. This allows you to embrace your full potential, inspire teams and stimulate transformative changes within your organization.

How wonderful it is that you get a new opportunity to grow every day. Live your life the way you want. Self-aware of your passion, your purpose, your strength and your potential as a human being.

Mission vision

My mission is to raise everyone's consciousness and the consciousness of the world, to have the greatest impact on the lives of others. I do this by optimizing everyone's own passion, purpose and potential.
Adger de Boer


As a coach, Adger guides a process, usually a profound change. I cannot promise an outcome or give an objective because you, as my client, are responsible for this yourself. I can make the joint journey as unique and challenging as possible.

Choose Adger's coaching program and discover the power of awareness combined with sustainable growth. Become the best version of yourself as an entrepreneur and leader, and achieve both business success and personal happiness. Contact us today and give your potential the chance to blossom.

Live your life to be

Why work with me?

Professional & Personal

A coaching process is always tailor-made. It is my commitment to make every coaching session of value focused on your personal needs, challenges and desires.

Learning to experiment​

Assignments and intervisions serve to help you further. To let you experiment with different methods or to experience things. Always focused on growth and learning.

Sustainable returns

I work from your question. What you want to achieve is central to each process. When is our collaboration successful and what is visibly different 


the value of

Coaching by adger

Once you are more aware of what you think or react to, you live more according to your own choice. The choice to do things differently. It makes you feel more in charge of your own life. This leads to more energy, involvement, more potential. You can inspire and motivate not only yourself, but also others to get the best out of life.

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