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A power coaching program to support your growth as a professional, how you can drastically reduce your stress or boost your career.
In 5 sessions you will work with your coach on your goal.

Do you feel stressed and burned out, but you don't dare to give yourself a break? Do you feel that you are alive through your work? Would you like to experience more control, energy and enthusiasm in your work?

This 1-on-1 coaching program offers you a compassionate sparring partner and a valuable sounding board and also provides you with concrete tools and handles to overcome obstacles and initiate positive change. I help you understand what you are facing, what you would like to change and how you can achieve that.

A personal mental workout with laser focus. A short power program of 5-8 weeks where you learn how to drastically reduce your stress or boost your career.

A coaching program is a creative, confidential partnership, practical and goal-oriented. It provides you with a safe place to explore ideas and problems, find solutions and formulate realistic implementation strategies.

What do you learn and what do you gain from it?

  • ... regain control of your work and restore balance with your private life.
  • ... experience that inner drive and positive energy again.
  • ... to solve (work) challenges and problems that have been bothering you for some time.
  • ... working from peace and relaxation and taking good care of yourself.

Feel better about yourself and enjoy greater satisfaction with your career and life. Gain more clarity and confidence, overcome confusion and stress and feel it YOU is back at the helm. At work and beyond.

Make an appointment quickly to discuss your options. After an introductory meeting you decide whether to continue



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