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Invest in yourself and navigate complex changes with ease


What Executive Life coaching can do for you

Extraordinary results

More effective leadership - agile and resilient at the same time

Focus on what's important
Reach your full potential
Equipped to take on life's challenges.

You are an experienced leader with your heart in the right place. You want to combine success with personal happiness. You want more satisfaction and a pleasant life. Somehow things don't go the way you want and that keeps you busy


EACH Every day you encounter aspects of your leadership style that are not helpful. Even the best leaders pay constant attention to their own growth and development to sharpen and refine their skills.

Do you ever think about what keeps you from achieving what you really want?

As a professional coach, I believe in the power of a positive mindset, creating trust and always striving for meaningful results.

The most important step is awareness, recognizing your gaps and working to address them. By investing in the right coaching and training, you will overcome the obstacles and become the leader you and the people around you deserve.

Discover what is possible and boost your personal and professional growth.

What challenges are you currently facing?​


Let's uncover your life to be © 

NB! There is no way back. The insights and changes are permanent in nature.

Discover your options

There is no formula available with which you can learn your ideal leadership style. What works for one person doesn't work for another. And what works sometimes doesn't always work.

Who will help you with this?

Get started

Discover what is possible and what is holding you back, what coaching would look like and the possibilities to support you.


2. We make a plan

Everybody is different. We create a practical plan that is specifically tailored to your unique growth opportunities.


3. Discover new views

Open new paths to your new one I

Your leadership in 2024

The best leaders know that there are always opportunities to improve.
I understand that changes in work and life can often feel challenging and overwhelming, the pressure of constantly having to make the right decisions. 
Over the past 20 years, I have helped more than 100+ leaders and their teams experience real growth so they can reach their full potential, business and private.
I offer individualized coaching focused on your personal growth and the growth of your organization. A sparring partner who takes into account the unique context, strategy, culture and leadership required to achieve business goals. A neutral third party that acts as a sounding board to present ideas without judgment. A trusted coach and partner, with an outside perspective, without a hidden agenda or personal judgment, who will help you meet your challenges, achieve your goals and hold you accountable. A coach who works with you to further develop your unique leadership strategy that matches your wishes and goals. 

I support you to stay focused, find direction, solve problems and take actions that make a difference.


What do others say about me?

What do customers say about my services and their experience? Many relationships choose not to make their reviews public for privacy reasons. Please understand this. I would like to give you the summary of their feedback: “Every Conversation is Valuable”.


Executive Life Coaching Services
This is why

you work with me

You are central and at the wheel. As a coach, I ride along for a while and turn off again until we meet again.

When do I see you again)?

Coaching appointment

I work from your question. What you want to achieve is central to each process. When is our collaboration successful and what is visibly different

Learning to experiment

Assignments and intervisions serve to help you further. To let you experiment with different methods or to experience things. Always focused on growth and learning.

tailor-made process

A coaching process is always tailor-made. It is my commitment to make every coaching session of value focused on your personal needs, challenges and desires.

Sustainable Return

Working with an experienced and accredited coach gives the highest chance of return. You still have to do the work yourself

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