#Renew Your Positive Energy

Date 2020-05-20-2020-05-20
LocationVIrtual Event Amsterdam time

Develop a personally effective view that positively influences and changes not only yourself, but also those with whom you live and work.

Life these days seems more chaotic than ever!

Disruption taking place with a worldwide lockdown. A lot of us feel anxious and overwhelmed. We’re distracted and pulled in too many directions. Home and work are the same, work is totally different and the future is unknown. We have difficulty balancing work, life, family, friends, and personal enjoyment.

In this webinar you learn about the power of positive building energy to increase your motivation and gives you a different view. All these you can use in a new normal life with more remote communication than ever.

We will learn you how building positive Energy gives you an insight to an entirely new level of thinking. You will learn about the different (7) levels of energy and how your energy impacts you and also those with whom you live and work.

We will help you to realize where you want to be, and recognize that there are ways to break through any of the obstacles you face now. Recognizing that there isn’t a bad or good level of energy; everyone is expected to cycle through different levels and that’s OK.

We show you the way from hopelessness, fear, worry, anger or resentment to a more positive energy with relief, peace of mind, compassion and joy.

The first step is to recognize your current energy level. Will you join us?


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